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Canadian Capital Investors Corporation is the alternative products market dealers complete firm of promotion and placements. It partners with Privest Wealth Management (“Privest”) a full service Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) that services investors across Canada.

Canadian Capital Investors Corporation core mission is to promote Privest, its affiliated firms, and representatives in Ontario and Quebec. Its highly-skilled team, providing excellent service, maintain objectivity and integrity, representing our clients’ best interests.


Income  Based  Investments

Prime Funds offers investments that specialize in providing investors an opportunity to participate in the optimization and ownership of quality, active real estate projects throughout North America …more


Expansion into new markets may become an objective of your international business after the first successful venture. A long-term strategy should be devised with multiple markets selected for expansion purposes. Remember, one size does not fit all and products need to be adapted in each new market to meet specific market needs. …more

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